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2018-11-28 07:51:19 | Profile
When this song me out my brother died about a week before. So when I hear this I remember the day my brother died and that was 13 years ago...


2018-11-20 06:47:57 | Profile
Makes me think of me twin brother who died when we were 11.

seto jati

2018-10-13 23:28:35 | Profile
My brother died 8 days before his 20th birthday. Today he would be 33. It still hurts after all these years.


2018-10-13 20:46:54 | Profile
This song makes me think of my friend he was only 16 and killed by his bestfriend over a girl. R.i.p Ben


2018-10-12 03:46:37 | Profile
My daughter got hit bye a car she was only 3 i wonder who she would be she turned 5 yesterday

Hugh Martell

2018-10-10 16:25:52 | Profile
God bless you, brother


2018-10-09 15:08:13 | Profile
This song was played at my brother funeral and it hit on the spot this October the 17th will be 12 years he has been gone and he was only 24 when he died and left behind me and his 4 year old son at the time we miss him and this song has helped we do not know what happened to him.

Adri San

2018-10-08 06:23:52 | Profile
I love this song. 7 yrs since our son passed and this song means so much. His story truly had just begun. So glad I got 27 yrs of his smile and laugh, it was the best.