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*** ooo

2018-10-07 08:00:15 | Profile
judy garlands song......

Денис Ершов

2018-10-06 15:37:51 | Profile
2,000 people are completely out of their minds. Anyone who was there this night in 1996 witnessed pure perfection

Jenn Dee

2018-10-02 14:23:43 | Profile
Love, love this rendition! Beautiful voice, great guitar! I will have this played at my last farewell!

Louise mje

2018-09-30 18:59:49 | Profile
I knew she was a gifted Angel, but I did not realise she was such a good guitar player as well! Such a tear jerking performer Eva! We miss you so much!

Sbignev Brŭag

2018-09-28 19:46:27 | Profile
Words do not do this or her, justice ... Just make sure that when YOU leave this world, you take Jesus with you ... and you will be flying free forever.


2018-09-25 18:10:54 | Profile
So Beautiful! I take a listen often!

skinney legs

2018-09-24 11:43:38 | Profile
Who is giving this a thumbs down???


2018-09-22 18:41:05 | Profile
THE definitive version. You get the true meaning from Eva. Fantastic version.

Лейла Цечоева

2018-09-19 17:19:56 | Profile
When I took a big chance and opened my business, this was my theme song. It was a struggle at times, and I went 7 months without a paycheck. But with God and this song, we did it. I am so grateful. Retired now, but the business thrived. Thank you Eva. What a gift you had! I wish you could have blessed us longer with your beautiful voice. Dreams really do come true.

letele motebang

2018-09-15 17:41:24 | Profile
Yet again I find myself watching this masterpiece and yet again I find myself in tears, absolute perfection......


2018-09-14 08:44:49 | Profile
So sad this beautiful and talented women died so young. Incredible voice, and guitar playing. Can hear her singing and not feel sad. But there is a hope that one day after this life passes away we can meet people like this.